Monday, August 6, 2012

FACE SHOP'S Face it Collagen Eye Liner

FACE SHOP'S Face it Collagen Eye Liner

Place bought :FACE SHOP SM Taytay

Price : Php 655

Product Description

A liquid eyeliner with an eyelash essence for a complete and eye line

  • A smooth and even eye line as well as providing nourishment to lashes with the Hydra Collagen and P.D.O. provide rich nutrients to eyelashes.
  • A smooth, continuous and refined eye line because of a perfect combination of a firm and delicate brush and smoothing gel formula enable easy drawing even with a liquid-type eyeliner with a single smooth stroke
  •  May be removed thoroughly with lukewarm water without using an eye make-up remover to prevent loss of eyelashes and carefully protect them.

After adjusting the amount of eye liner on the brush, draw naturally along the eye line from the inner corners of the eyes.. The firm brush helps you control the thickness of the eye line easily and create various styles.

My thoughts :

  • it's not waterproof
  • I hope the brush on the end is pointed for making the wing of the cat eye easy:)
What I love about this product :
  • The Collagen thang is a beauty plus gals!
  • I love how pigmented it is
  • I'm using it for over 6 months now but its texture never changed
  • It doesn't irritate my eyes
  • IT DOESN'T SMUDGE! It just stays there. So be confident of wearing this for a long time. You'll never see it change its form.

Will I repurchase?



  1. Actually it is water proof. It has a 3 proof system. Sebum, Water & Perspiration.

  2. it is waterproof and i have already finished 3 bottles..