Friday, July 6, 2012

A 25 pesos Lipstick! :)

Aido Regular Lipstick

I was at the department store looking for an orange lipstick on an afternoon. I'm eyeing for a cheap one, so I decided to try some from budget-friendly cosmetic brands.A sales  lady from the brand Aido convinced me to test their orangey lipstick :) The sad part is that it can't stay long :p But I really loved the color so much! Since it was just 25 I decided to purchase it in-spite of the smudge warning :p

Place bought : Robinson's Metro East
Price : Amazingly P25.00

The packaging was nice, and look at that... That's a lot of it inside the tube! :)

There you go.. The PRICE PROOF :P

I guess this is the shade specification of this lil' thang :)

It has a creamy texture that glides on easily 

OMG! application fail :p We really need to use lip brush on this :p

So that's it :) I hope you liked this review. I would recommend this to those who are starting to use lipstick. It's also good if you'll use this for picture takings. Perfect for teenagers! 

until next review XOXO!


  1. That color is so pretty! I can't believe it was 25 pesos!! I was in Manila last summer and I really miss the shopping :(

    1. you're right sis! I hope you can have one when you get here again :) xoxo